As ilustrações de Giovana Medeiros

That is me, and coffe machine.I ‘m taking a barista course, so today I had more espressos than I could ever imagine (which made me sick at some point). I’m not really good at it, but I had some fun with the coffe machine.

So, please don’t judge my comic art skills, my only intention is to represent this kind of scene that keep happening (not only in movies,also in tv shows), and it reallyy disturbs me. People leaving their perfect fine food behind for all sorts of silly reasons ,WHY DONT YOU EAT YOUR FOOOOD PEOPLE? Or why even cook if you gonna abandon it anyway? I seriously hate these scenes.

Uma coisa que realmente me irrita nos filmes

- Hmm... da onde esta vindo esse cheiro gostoso?
- Eu fiz o café da manhã

- Nossa! Isso parece tão gostoso. Obrigada amor.

Esta comendo quando de repente algo faz barulho.

- Você ouviu isso?
- Vamos ver o que é
- Isso!

Deixam a deliciosa comida intocada.

That’s me around cat, after being apart from him for 7 months. I can say he is not my biggest fan right now.


submission - Sweetness for life :)

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